BMW Online Wiring Diagram System (WDS)
Version 12.0

(Version from september 2007)
The last standalone (DVD) version released by BMW

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Page updated on the 3rd of May 2016

         System requirements

- Web browser + SVG viewer

Adobe SVG Viewer


- Java Client
Download link

Update your JAVA security settings!


WDS is getting old and with regular Java/Browser updates it is hard to access old sites

All you need to do is change your Java security settings. I use the latest version of Firefox and it works just fine. Make sure your Java is up to date too.

Java has blocked WDS...No problem!


1.       Click ok, then from the start/search button in Windows type in "Configure Java"

2.       Once Configure Java interface is opened, click on the security tab, then click the Edit Site List button. Enter and

3.       Go back to the site, you are now prompted to access the content. Click Run

4.       The diagrams are accessible again.